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China Warehouse

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Provide efficient, safe and free warehousing service in China

We have 3000 + square meters warehouse in Shenzhen,Offer free use for three months for new customers, and also for free after 3months based on you have at least 60Pcs shipping orders per month,3000m² warehouse can meet your growing inventory need,quickly process your order and prepare for shipment. We China Warehouse to keep your stock safe,complete with 24/7 security surveillance and insurance.


Step1:Warehouse Receiving Products

What you need to do is to fill in a advanced shipping notice (ASN) in advance when sending the Chinese supplier's inventory to the sunson China warehouse. In this way, our warehouse system will know your products and quantity, and can ensure timely receipt and processing.


Step2. Inspecting & Labeling Products

Our warehouse receiving staff will count the quantity and quality of products before warehousing to ensure the accuracy of quantity and the quality of products, thus reducing your customs clearance risk and store return rate. Each item will be pasted with a bar code, and valuables will be individually tracked and stored separately to ensure that there is no error in the warehouse and picking.


Step3:Storing in Sunson Warehouse

If your E-Commerce orders are located all over the world, storage in China is the best choice. Because the cost of using China's warehouse distribution center is lower and the transportation speed is faster.


Step4. Inventory Management

Sunson has an advanced warehouse management system (WMS) for inventory management and inventory accuracy. We ensure that the accuracy of inventory is higher than 99%. Real time inventory is convenient for you to monitor the inventory quantity and replenish the inventory in time to prevent shortage.

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