--> Are you outside China but sourcing from China?

--> Do you need communication support with Chinese manufacturers?

--> Are you frustrated with the warehousing chores and logistics?

--> Are you looking for affordable service?

--> Do you want to grow volume from 10 to 10,000 per month?

If yes, then Sunsonexpress Fulfillment is the wise solution for you.


No matter you are a start up company or a mature company, if you found you are frustrated with the warehouse chores, warehouse cost (including labor cost and also rental), especially when your staff work hard for a whole day but there still have back orders, and in additionally you have no time to concentrate on your business selling, then it’s time to realize you might need to outsource your order fulfillment and pay more attention on the most important thing - business. Outsourcing the order fulfillment is a strategic decision that makes sense for business growth. Whenever your order volume exceeds what you can handle, please contact Sunsonexpress Fulfillment expects and discuss how we can assist you in growing your business and reputation. We have rich experience on cross border e-commerce selling and also logistics which can surely help your business to a next level.


When looking to outsource your fulfillment services, you’ll need to consider these factors:

Pricing Structure: Consider what type of items (dimension, weight, product category etc) you are selling and what’s your fulfillment budget as you’ll need to pay fees based on size and weight of items being shipped. And you also need to know what’s the costs for storing inventory and picking and packing your items. Any hidden fees and long term contract etc.

Shipping Options: If you sell internationally, you’ll need to make sure whether the fulfillment company is capable of shipping internationally.

Warehouse Location: Check whether the fulfillment center locates in the “right” zones as you’ll need to have your inventory collected by the fulfillment company or have it sent by the manufacturer with affordable cost. Also if the warehouse location is near the airport, that’s a great advantage to arrange a fast delivery to end consumers.

Customer Support: When something goes wrong during the ordering, fulfilling and delivery process, you would like to speak to someone and resort for support, this is the basis service that should be provided. Also, if the fulfillment company can provide the after-sales service to end consumer (eg. Tracking orders) on behalf of you, that’s the key benefit for you to get hassle free service.

Integration: Since you’re using a 3rd party provider, just check if their system already integrated or under-integrating with your existing systems like your webstore, marketplaces like Amazon, ERP, or any other platforms. Also it should be great if it allows to have complete visibility on monitoring inventory and fulfilling process at any time and anywhere.

All above key factors are part of the service Sunsonexpress fulfillment provided.


Yes. Sunsonexpress system allows all users 24/7 real-time information as well as complete control over inventory and order management.

Q5:What kind of service can you provide?

We offer a variety of services that we believe we can satisfy your different demands in supply chain.

1.Warehouse Fulfillment Service includes receiving, storage, pick & pack.

2.Global shipping service from China via Postal services,major international Express services, our self-developed Dedicated lines, FBA shipping lines,Freight forwarding service, Air shipping , ocean shipping agency service.

3.Drop-ship assistance includes repacking, consolidation, labeling, assembly, etc.

4.Add-on service: kitting, branding, webstore integration.

5.Products sourcing and buying.

6.Payment agent for your goods.

Q6:Is our warehouse secure? Do we provide insurance on the products in our warehouse?

With so many goods in our care or custody, we cannot afford to lose them.

Our warehouse is equipped with fire suppression systems as well as 24 hour surveillance and controlled access to ensure the safety of your products. Our experienced warehouse staffs have implemented a streamlined packaging process to prevent items from being lost or damaged during the handling process. In the rare event of lost or damaged items, your products are always insured up to the value of the product. The insurance fee is 0.1% of the “Product Value” (actual cost) of your products for each year.

Q7:Can you accept the shipping of sensitive goods?

Yes, we can accept the shipping of battery, liquid, cosmetics, powder, etc.

Q8:How can I pay shipping fee or other service charges? Should I prepay these fees?

Yes, you need to prepay these fees. You can make payment to us through remittance, bank transfer, wire transfer, credit card, PayPal etc. Upon receiving your payment, your account with us will be credited with the same amount. Then, we will deduct money from your account automatically whenever we send parcels for you or provide services for you. To avoid delays in shipments and services, it is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account. You may login to our system to view the transaction details and the balance of your account.

Q9:Can you help me buy from Chinese sellers?

We know that some Chinese sellers do not accept foreign payments. Sunsonexpress can provide "personal shopper" service, can order and pay for you.

We also know that some Chinese sellers do not ship goods outside China. Sunsonexpress can provide forwarding service for personal items you purchase on Chinese websites. Please contact us by email: Andy@sunsonexpress.com

Q10:Combine multiple packages and forward as one package?

Sunsonexpress offer consolidation service. If you are buying from various suppliers, We can wait for all of them to arrive and then ship them out in one box.

Q11:How to pay?

We do not send out invoice and then wait for your payment. We use a prepaid system. You can deposit funds into your Sunsonexpress account and our system will automatically debit fees from your account. You can verify all the financial transactions when you login to our User Center. The remaining balance in your account will be used for your future transactions. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient fund to avoid disruption of service. You can top-up your account via PayPal. To securely submit payment,

There are two methods for you to pay fees /top up your account:

1.Bank transfer: Please remark your Sunsonexpress User ID when you top-up via Bank Transfer, so that we can identify your payment and credit your account accordingly.

2.PayPal Account:Please deposit money directly through our system. Our system will credit your account in RMB for the actual amount received. Please note that PayPal charge handling fee when you transfer payment to us. Additionally, we will deduct a 2.5% currency exchange fee for all foreign currency except HKD.

3.Payoneer. Please deposit money directly through our system.


1. We will credit your account based on what we actually received. Generally, it will be the amount which you sent minus the PayPal transaction fee.

2. If you send in USD, then we will convert it to RMB and credit your account.