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Postal Solution

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Postal Shipping Solution

We truly understand the postal solution is always the prior option for e-commerce business as it enjoys the lower rate. To satisfied different merchant’s demand, we working with lots of postal office in the passing years and keep eliminating the bad service from time to time. Now the rest are the best.

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China Post

China Post is divided into surface parcels and registered parcels. It is an international parcel service for parcels weighing less than 2KG. China Post and the Universal Postal Union have developed a global mailing channel that can reach various postal outlets in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Advantages of China's postal service: economical and affordable, global reach, convenient customs clearance, safety and stability.

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Belgium postal parcels are divided into Belgium express parcels and Belgium global parcels, which are for international parcels weighing less than 2KG. Belgium express parcels can be sent to more than 20 countries in Europe, and Belgium global parcels can be sent to more than 200 countries around the world , Tracking information can be inquired, Belgian postal service advantages: unified customs clearance in the United Kingdom, no second transit in European countries, charge per kilogram, suitable for light and small parcels, acceptable for built-in batteries/supporting battery products, and is the preferred service for low-cost European delivery.

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Postnl small parcel channel is a European express parcel service specially launched for cross-border e-commerce sellers, based in the Netherlands, radiating the entire European countries, relying on the Dutch post network and efficient customs clearance system, to create high-quality regional parcel services , Dutch postal service advantages: preferential prices, stable timeliness, suitable for light and small packages, and can accept products with built-in batteries.

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Swiss Post is divided into surface parcel and registered parcel channels. It is the top 5 postal service in the UPU and is the most developed postal agency in Europe. It has branches in almost every country and has strong mail processing capabilities. Service advantages: convenient customs clearance, stable timeliness, economical benefits, suitable for light and small parcels within 2KG.

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