Value-added service

Value-added service

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Brand Yourself with Our Value-added Serives!


Brand upgrading

1. Adding marketing insert to please and retain your customers.

2. Repacking your products in customized boxes, in your preferred style.

3. Kitting and assembly enhance your supply chain and simplify the distribution process.

4. Lableling is a hassle but important process so we take it over for you, and we place labels appropriately to ensure the visibility of your products.


Supply Chain Service

In this fast moving market, where product life cycle is becoming shorter and customers have variety of brands to choose from, time-to-market is extremely important and will determine a company’s success.

Sunsonexpress Supply Chain Services (SCS) provides end-to-end supply chain services to OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), ODM’s (Original Design Manufacturers), EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service providers) and electronic component manufacturers, enabling them to optimize their supply chains.

As a global distributor, our broad linecards offer customers a “one-stop-shop” experience for their design and supply chain needs. The expertise and tools used by our Supply Chain Team allow you to decrease your total cost of material acquisition, maximize your working capital yet enjoy flexibility of material availability thus, maximizing your market share and profitability.


Paying and purchasing agent service

Trade payment agency service
We can provide you with the factory payment free service. shopping agency service
We contact the seller and negotiate the sale on your behalf and other Chinese websites do not accept PayPal! We allow you to send payment via Paypal and we will then pay the supplier using Chinese payment providers! Offering you greater protection when buying from China suppliers!
Using our many years of taobao shopping experience, we will advise you regarding the validity of sellers and other tips…
We can provide the purchase, agent, inspection, global shipping of the product and a dragon superior quality service for you,Any othe added service for you if you need.

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